Coffee, a superfood?

Ah, the ongoing great debate- is it really healthy? Both pundits in the “yes” and “no” camps have much to say and much research to flaunt. And since coffee is the number one most consumed non-water beverage, there are many opinions, studies and personal interests to keep this topic alive.

I love coffee. But as consumables go, I enjoy a break for other temporary “healthy” alternatives- green tea, yerba mate, hibiscus tea, and so on (the list is nearly infinite as one can make tea out of anything). Me, I can drink 2 cups of strong press coffee early in the morning, but past noon it can be problematic.

The myths: the bad – “coffee is bad because of the caffeine,” the good- “coffee is loaded with antioxidants”. The other goods?  Coffee is an enema and can positively affect blood sugar levels. It can improve cardiovascular health and age-related weight. Some research says coffee has  anti-aging properties.

Here’s the thing- it’s what you put in your coffee that really matters. Aim for high quality fat- grass fed cream or butter, coconut oil, coconut butter, or go Vietnamese-style and whisk in an egg. Ditch the non-fat milk (too much sugar) and flavoured creamers (especially those with carageenan), artificial sweeteners (petroleum products). Sweeten with local honey, coconut sugar, natural stevia, and a little raw cane syrup (it’s unprocessed so more pure than refined sugar).

And like anything, it’s moderation that matters as long as you enjoy it and you feel good.

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