Daily word prompt: Desire



Ah the word desire. Desirous of-, desiring- 

A person, place, thing or a state of being. Something imagined, daydreamt, near or far. Desire increases and decreases. What keeps it alive? What kills it? When is it vulnerable?

When does desire overtake gratitude?

Do we desire from the heart or, or in combination of, are we adopting desire from cultural influence? When does desire overtake gratitude? When does it become a form of collecting- more of something that one already has- a dopamine spike to in the brain, addiction.

I always want more- better health, enriching friendships, more knowledge. The most important thing for me is to keep desire in check, maintain imperviousness that I “need that,” “more of that will make my life that much better.” Right now I have it all and I’m grateful, but I desire more of these content moments.


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