Gluten is not the only problem with grain

Referred to as grain-flammation and grain-besity by Dr. Peter Osborne in his book, No Grain, No Pain, grain-related inflammatory responses are not just about gluten and can develop into metabolic syndrome- a group of risk factors that include insulin resistance, high blood pressure and abnormal cholesterol and triglycerides.

Modern strains of grain are inherently problematic. With the obvious gluten connection, if one is gluten sensitive, it is a genetic predisposition and not a disease- when eating foods with gluten, the genes will naturally create inflammation. It is a very real condition.

Gluten consumption has been linked to depression, seizures, headaches, anxiety, nerve damage, and ADHD-like symptoms (8-10). Gluten has been linked to over 200 conditions, with neurotoxicity topping the list.- Dr. Kelly Brogan

Aspects of grain production which can affect individuals who are not genetically predisposed to gluten sensitivity, include:

  • the way the grains are grown– they are sprayed with glyphosate (Round-up) during  the growing season and again when they are harvested. The result- you ingest the chemical which can cause leaky gut- hyperpermeability- which is when the junctions in the gut let unwanted substances leak into the bloodstream.
  • many grains contain other forms of proteins– the protein ATI in particular- causes inflammation in the gastrointestinal track- again leaky gut
  • grains have heavy metals– rice has cadmium and arsenic, corn has mercury- this interferes with chemical functions in the body
  • mold– a big problem in the United States is how grain is stored. As it is stored in big bins, mold can grow and release mycotoxin – toxic fungus that causes problems in humans and animals.

In summary- these properties have nothing to do with gluten- they are also a problem with gluten-free food. Luckily now there are so many other available food items such as wraps made from cassava flour, coconut flour and chia. When I’m needing a hearty carb after an active day, I turn to baked sweet potatoes with sweet grass-fed butter.

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