The sound in the wall…a Japanese ghost?

In this post I digress from wellness topics, but I have to share something with you- the disbelief from people I’ve told in person is priceless.

The background: I’m getting my house ready for sale. Mold was found in a wall bordering my bedroom and the master bathroom. No problem- the wall was opened, leak detected and repaired, bleached and dried out. The wall was sheetrocked, taped, mudded and sanded.

3:00 A.M. I slowly woke to a distant scratching sound in the wall. It stopped, I listened, it started again- too big to be a squirrel. Again, scratching, pausing, scratching, pausing. When I knelt down with my ear to the wall I heard…


Omg- my cat has been sealed into the wall. A hammer and a saw later, the cat was free, traumatized and my disbelief kept me up the rest of the night.

Is using one of nine cat lives like the people counterpart of making impactful health choices decade by decade?



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