7 Things You Can Do To Feel Great About Yourself

Happy Friday everyone! Here are some reminders that I find useful and work to strengthen on a regular basis, I hope they resonate with you and are helpful:

  1. Acknowledge your strengths and courage. Recognize how far you’ve come in 5 years, since last year, last month, yesterday…? It’s easy to play into feeling inadequate- that you’re not where you ought to be, you’re behind, you’re inherently lacking. Instead, think exactly the opposite- take inventory of your gifts and strengths, share them with the world.  You are where you are because you actively put one foot in front of the other.
  2. Let go of the stories you tell yourself. They no longer serve you and you must think of your present situation and forward momentum, not past scenarios. As they say, if you don’t process the past it will keep showing up in your present. We can talk ourselves into (or out of) opportunities or changes simply because we’re ruled by past scripts. Instead, set your intention, and your mind will catch up eventually. Visualize what you want and take tangible steps toward making it happen in each day (2).
  3. Find your way to connect to people. It’s easy to gradually disconnect, and suddenly you may feel alone, even in a busy setting like an office building. Sometimes just sitting and watching people-on a park bench, in the mall, at the airport- being around people is a good reminder that though we are all different, we are really quite the same.
  4. Strengthen the invisible scaffolding around you. Known as boundaries, learning and practicing boundaries can take time. Strong boundaries don’t just help you, they help others feel safe and comfortable around you. Here is a good description of boundaries and how to apply them.
  5. Stop holding yourself back. Ask yourself what is it you fear and what is the worst that can happen if you follow your desire? Seize the fear feeling and shift it toward gratitude.  Moving toward what we fear, gradually, is the first step in seeing that it’s really not as scary as it seems (1).

    “Many times, the thought of fear itself is greater than what it is we fear.” ― Idowu Koyenikan

  6. Take the word need out of your vocabulary. Replace it with choose. That will take you out of a desperate mindset and you’ll feel more empowered.
  7. Practice self compassion. Just be kind, cut yourself some slack. You wouldn’t say that to someone you love, would you? Next time you catch yourself chatting up your faults in your inner dialogue, say the opposite, outloud.  That puts it into the universe where it feels true. If you can’t say it outloud, tell yourself internally.

Your turn…

Of these, which are new, or familiar reminders to you? Which are difficult to implement? What other things do you do to be kind to yourself? I’d love to hear from you! Please leave a comment below and share your thoughts and insights.

One thought

  1. While all of these makes sense – connecting to people seems the most interesting because it is a never ending process and takes lots of hard work – my opinion only. We can witness this connecting in personal issues – which are the hardest in many ways – to business and politics and religion.
    Connections also can and do take on different techniques for different occasions as we see in our daily lives.
    I have managed and coached global staffs over the years and connecting is more intense and at times more frustrating than for example making money – at least as I see it.
    Lastly men and women appear to have different ways to do this and there is no one answer that I have found since there are different roads to Rome.

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