Catherine Franzmeier Health and Wellness Coaching (LLC)

Are you seeking a credible, qualified, and successful wellness expert to share new, fun, and exciting health topics with you directly or at your corporate establishment? Add support and credibility to your Corporate Wellness initiatives with my service. As your coach, I want you to feel your best and I will work with you to:

  • make specific lifestyle changes for lasting well-being
  • empower you to achieve your self-determined health goals and sustain them
  • give support every step of the way to encourage and educate you
  • provide a contained “space” where I will listen and foster mutual understanding

The lifestyle habits we’ll work on incorporate functional “ancestral health-based” nutrition, exercise, sleep regimen, stress mitigation, sunlight exposure and making sure you take the time to play.

Feel the difference at this higher level of health- break through to greater vitality and energy, see your skin glow.

The Goods

12-24 Week Guided Transformation based on lifelong sustaining primal living principals (ancestral health rather than conventional diets that are only short term goal-oriented)

This program is designed to help you move confidently toward significant change by following  a structured approach with focused attention to detail. Rather than initiating all of the changes at once, every two weeks a new concept is delivered to you; building on your learning and to facilitate easy adoption. We will have weekly coaching and check-ins by email and phone, and I will be right there every step of the way.


  • 1 weekly hour-long coaching session over the phone or video
  • 1 weekly 30-minute email check-in
  • Supportive material for new concepts
  • Foods to Love/Foods to Avoid list
  • 3 day sample meal plan

The Boost: Jumpstart Me

A nuts and bolts approach to setting up your healthier life.


  • 1 hour coaching walk- in the park, by the bayou, on the beach
  • A kitchen purge, let go of the foods that are not serving you well
  • Create a sample grocery list based on your daily staple preferences
  • A grocery store walk through so you are empowered to shop efficiently while making good choices
Living a healthy life should be simple, yet the pursuit to feel good, look good, live well, has become harder than it needs to be. Despite our quick and anything obtained lifestyle we’ve become increasingly unhealthy. Life is just way too short for fussy food fixation. Simply eat the foods that create health, that support balance; watch your body and your mind, your health and your happiness flourish.  

Straightforward, less cost, back to the basics- eating foods that create health and balance, grow your health and happiness. Book a free consultation today.

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