Catherine Franzmeier

I am a certified health and wellness coach and blogger of health-related topics.

I spend my days helping others obtain optimal health and support that effort by attending webinars, researching health topics, being active and writing blog entries. I do this because it’s what I love to do, it’s what aligns with my happiness and life fulfilment.

I believe our bodies were designed perfectly- our bodies seek good health- we automatically strive to get out of bad health. Your body’s natural capacity for healing and regeneration is super-charged.

My hope is that my readers and clients can adopt simple changes in their lifestyle to feel their best and live an awesome life, the way they were designed to be.

With the time spent working on my service offerings, knowledge and resources- I surround myself with people who care about human connections and the value that they add to the world, because they feel so good, it extends to other people who are around them.

Getting to this point did not come easily. Having had a successful career in the corporate world, being a stay at home mom and launching an art business, my health wasn’t in alignment with my successes, goals and aspirations. Because my lifelong passion has always innately been about health and nutrition, I looked healthy, fit and together. But my outsides didn’t match my insides. For years I struggled with body dysmorphia, skin issues and an autoimmune disease. Even during the times that I felt like I was doing it all “right,” with no outward signs of dis-health, I didn’t feel like I really got it. Even with extra effort, recognizing slip-ups and overcorrecting with an extra cardio class, my body didn’t feel “right.”

Then, the paleo diet came into popularity and I expanded my reading to ancestral health in general and the accompanying detailed research studies. That knowledge changed my body machinery and composition, and most importantly, how I regard myself.

My passion for coaching came naturally later in life after a lifetime of n=1 experiments with prevailing mainstream diets and nutritional advice- with the added fun of sharing what I’m learning with other people. It was the Primal Blueprint ancestral approach to living that catapulted my journey to health empowerment and that’s what I seek to share.

Today, I support individuals in answering the questions: “What is my ideal health, What is holding me back, and How do get there as easily as possible?”

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Before all this…

I grew up in California and lived in Europe and Asia. I graduated with a degree in Literature from Portland State University, earned Project Management Institute coursework, and went on to work as a technical writer and project manager in the technology sector in Seattle. From there I moved to Houston where I stayed home as a mom and launched an art business. After that I followed my calling by getting certified as a Primal Blueprint Health Coach so I could help others achieve the level of well-being that I experience.

“Playfulness is the river of life…learning to be playful with what is most important to us” 
-JP Sears

I am currently in Houston, Texas, and travel as much as possible.

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