Health and Fitness

Food is an informational exchange for your body and the environment

The main tenants to living as our ancestors did are straight-forward, and as people say, are not rigid and rule-based, but rather intuitive and eventually second nature. These items include:

  • Eliminating Standard American Diet (SAD) foods: basically processed, sugar laden foods- grains are totally unnecessary
  • Saturated fat and cholesterol are not your enemy- cholesterol is is one of the
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    body’s most vital molecules and saturated fat is our preferred fuel.

  • Shop, cook and dine primally: restock your kitchen with whole foods, have a strategy for making the best choices when dining out
  • Make the healthiest choices across the spectrum
  • Too much exercise (chronic cardio) is ineffective for weight loss and is damaging to the body
  • Exercise primally: move, lift sprint- high intensity workouts periodically are far more effective for weight loss and generating growth hormone.
  • Slow life down: calm relaxing evenings with good sleep

Maximum fitness can be achieved in minimal time. 

For years I cranked out as much cardio as I could in a day. With a full time job and as a single person, I would wake up early to go to a spin class before my commute and in anticipation of sitting at my desk all day. Often to decompress after my day I would add another hour after work- usually swimming but sometimes a second cardio class. And with that, I was largely subsisting on inflammation-causing carbohydrates to refuel. Years later I felt the effect in my joints, knees and back of that lifestyle (not to mention the high impact sports!)

I like to exercise. It helps me sleep, I like to sweat out the bad stuff, I like to be around people doing the same. But now I embrace a shorter, more effective way to physical health-  more time to do other things and kinder and more beneficial to my body.

High Intensity Intervals: no chronic cardio, use burst training.

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Low volume training with an hour or two max of weight training a week. This form of training utilizes intervals alternating between super high intensity (maximum effort, unable to talk), and recovery time: ideally 30 seconds high intensity/90 seconds of recovery, eight cycles. All in 20 minutes, once or twice a week.

There are many forms of intervals and finding the time of movement you enjoy is key. I like water exercise, which can include laps or water aerobics in deep water. My intervals- like Tabata- can consist of bursts of movement- running in the water, or upper body movements- followed by recovery where I bring my heartrate down and stretch. If I’m travelling, it might be sprints outdoors (beach sprints are the best!) with walking as recovery. In the gym, it might be the elliptical or the stationary bike, keeping with the 30sec/90sec cycles.