Here are some resources that I rely on- products and services that I use personally (these are not affiliated links- meaning I don’t receive any compensation).

Nutrition and Exercise

I’m frequently asked where I get my workout wear. I like to pick items that I can workout in in the morning and then run errands and still feel put together.
Shopbop has all things fashion- including fabulous workout wear- Stella McCartney, Koral, Phat Buddha, Terez and so on. In my previous life I would have been a fitness wear model- look at them!
This massive online store is all things natural- supplements, food, personal care, home care and more. Often free shipping and ample loyalty discounts.
BlueApron Home Chef
Blue Apron delivers the ingredients and instructions you need to make your meal. Their practice is to source ingredients from sustainable farmers. You can choose the size of box based on your family’s size with specifications- vegan, vegetarian, meat, gluten-free and so on. Reasonable cost and useful because I can get stuck with being creative so it’s fun to whip up new things that didn’t require planning. My daughter enjoys following the instructions and presenting me with dinner, priceless.
Exo Cricket Protein bars
At the very least to read the fascinating story of this business venture. Cricket flour has the highest % of protein over beef, chicken, salmon or eggs. Created by an award-winning executive chef, they’re tasty with flavors ranging from Cocoa Nut, Banana Bread and Apple Cinnamon to name a few. Can order directly and receive discounts.

Influential Reading


The Stories We Tell Ourselves
by Mark Sisson
What is the Primal Blueprint?


Drugs that Don’t Work and  Natural Therapies that Do! -by David Brownstein, M.D.
an easily understandable read with just enough science and loads of current research. Deals with natural hormones, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis,diet, herbs, etc.